Subject: Muerren, Switzerland
Hi Harriet, The best way to check on the way to get to Muerren is to look at the schedule from Venice to Interlaken. The train from there to Muerren runs an hour more in time. The trains into the mountains are not part of the major rail system and would cost extra.

There are two stations in Interlaken - East and West, about 2 minutes apart.

We love the mountains in that area as they are the best we have seen in any one place. Muerren does not have a lot of excitement other than the mountains and walks and trips to the Schilthorn and Gimmelwald and Allmendhubel, (a tram ride up to another fantastic view). Do not expect the excitement of the cities here. No museums, no historical sites, just accommodations, food, and no night life. Why do we go there?-it's is for the mountains, the walks, and another day to feast on the nearness of the Eiger, Monch, and the Jungfrau, almost near enough to touch, so it seems.

There are other places to visit in the area--Wengen, the longest gondola in Europe from Mannlichen to Grindlewald-Grund, and then a fantastci gondola from Grindlewald to First Mountain (has 3 changes on the way up, but you stay in the gondola).

We have stayed at the Alpina, a 2 star hotel, with a room on the view side, and have stayed nowhere else. Gretchen Fifer, South Carolina

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