Subject: Venice Hotel Hunt
There seems to be many here who are familiar with the world's most dramatic city. Venice Italy. I guess you can tell I love it. When I was there in Oct. '98 we stayed at an apartment ( rumor was 16th century art school of Tintoretto as well as others.) located by the Madonna Del Orto that is no longer available to us. However we walked around the area as one will do in Venice, and remember passing a great little hotel 3 or 4 stars I think, that was in a totally residential area. Sort of behind the Jewish Ghetto. If anyone knows of this place or is visiting soon and wants to take a look let me know. I searched all the hotel sitess I could find including ours here. If I knew the name life would be so simple. However this is an excellent format for finding this place. It just looked and felt like it would be great place to stay. I can give somewhat directions to the place if anyone is there. As well I can recommend a couple of great little bar / rest. as well as a couple to avoid. David Ca. U.S.A.