Subject: Hotel Coupons - Was: Spain
Hi, Graciela, and everybody. I have used some of these coupons, and you really save money. The only down that I can see them is that you have to book your hotel in advance. You cannot simply arrive and say, Hey, I want a room, I have three coupons from Bancotel. They have different conditions depending on the month, the day of the week. I have used them thru my travel agent, buying just the number of coupons I needed. Normally you find 4-star accomodation in their lists. You have to pay the VAT at the hotel, and sometimes you are lucky and you get also breakfast. Last year I had a wedding in Madrid, and I wanted to be there from Thursday on. I paid around 24000 ptas for the Thursday night, and the price of the coupons for Friday and Saturday was 16000 ptas. So, you save money. The hotel was quite nice, a bit too business-oriented, but in a quiet zone (Madrid North) and near the metro and the buses in the Castellana. I even had a kitchenette in the room. There are other schemes, not only Bancotel and El Corte Inglés. Halcón Viajes has its own scheme, but somehow, having found myself without a room in Madrid due to the fact that they hadn´t booked it, I decided to stay away from them, and get back to my old travel agent. I have found an URL from Bancotel that you might find interesting: Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)