Subject: La Chiusa and restaurants
Marghe and Marty from Honolulu in San Francisco wrote -
>> Marty was shocked to read your comments on La Chiusa. Mother of God are those prices what we can expect everywhere in Italy? << No, Marghe, No La Chiusa is a very special place and is definitely not on the cheap side, but well worth every Lire. It's restaurant has a Michelin star. Conde Nast Magazine recently called it the best country restaurant in Italy If you want the best, the price is always higher. Trust me, you can stay very, very cheaply in Italy, espcecially if you want to spend some time in the country. In the same town, Montefollonico, are other hotels and agriturismo that can be found for 1/2 that price and restaurants at a fraction of the costs of La Chiusa. One of our favorites is Il Boteghino, a kind of a cross between a truck stop and the local hangout. We eat there several times a week - full menu, wine and service for under $20 a couple - just $10 per person. I saw a advertisement in Montepulciano today for an apartment at just 90,000 Lire today and another in the country with pool for just 75,000 Lire per day per person. Again, Italy is quite inexpensive in most cases, but the large cities will be higher as will the big name restaurants. Bill Sutherland