Subject: Hotels
I keep reading the posts of starred hotels. Please remember that the system for giving stars to hotels - in France and Italy - is made by the government based on a long laundry list of amenities - including room sizes, if they have a restaurant or not, etc. Michelin does not give stars to hotels - only to restaurants. And, Michelin only gives a maximum of three stars to any restaurant - even though in the USA, the critics feel they must give 5 stars. Why is it that Americans critics feel they must hand out so many more? Maybe if they ever dined at Tallivant or Ambroise, they would find out how good three stars can really be. In France 4 stars is the highest rating for hotels - although there is an elite category of 4 star luxe - the Ritz, etc. La Chiusa is only given a moderate 3 star rating by the Italian government. Don't ever depend on just the number of stars when making a reservation. We stayed at a 3 star hotel a few years ago in Paris, and our room was huge, but to make an electrical appliance work, the manager had to run a commercial extension cord from the front desk, 3 floors below - and the shower - only a shower that could be found on the Left Bank. Michelin is an excellent guide in France, but most feel the Italian Michelin doesn't always measure up to it's French sister guide. Hotels here, as in America, come in all shapes, sizes, amenities and costs. I've traveled Italy and France and stayed in the cheapest and the very finest - and I wouldn't ever begin to know which held the fondest memories.