Subject: Hotel ratings
We would like to make one addition to the comment on star ratings on hotels in Italy. Each region, and even the sub division in those regions have separate standards. It is not a countrywide system. Therefore, 3 stars in the northern part of the Abruzzo will not be the same as 3 stars in the Chieti section of the region. In fact, your jaw may drop at the inconsistencies.

Also, and please excuse us if this is an overgeneralization, there is some corruption of the star rating system in parts of Italy. We are sure that it happens elsewhere in the world. But, sometimes a hotel will find itself with more stars than it deserves and other's less than they have earned, because of a corrupted official.

We have such marvelous resources in the TravelZINE group - to get accurate information on hotels in Italy. Use it. We only wish that there were a way to have an independent way to check out and evaluate each and every agritourism local in the country. It remains our favorite way to travel in Italy, but so laden with problems.

Hope that this has been more helpful than confusing. Roy & Wanda