Subject: Hotel ratings
I wish to add another note: not oly the star system is variable from area to area, but there are some requirements that are very locally dependent: for example a 4* hotel must have at least 95% of rooms with private bath: but if the average of hotels in that city is well below that standard, an hotel can earn 4* even with 75% .. same with room size another objective (but very subjective in evaluation) parameter for staring is the time that reception is staffed and how many languages the staff speak. Some hotels choose a 2* instead of 3 or 3 instead of 4 just to be able to reduce the hours the reception is open. Anyway I think the bribing is minor, since usually having more stars require more expenses, for itself. This bribing is more related to travel guides than to official classification. Leonardo Boselli Firenze,Toscana