Subject: Spain
Hi Grace. Yes it was on the Travelzine you heard about 'talones' for hotels in Spain. We know of 2 companies, Bancotel and Ibercheque (spelling). We have just returned from Spain and have booked via a travel agent there with Bancotel for October for my sister. Talones cost approx 7,400 ptas per talone, rooms cost anything from 1, 2 or 3 talones per night depending on grade of hotel and days of the week (more availability on weekends). We booked the Hotel Melia Confort Apolo 4* in Barcelona for 4 nights at a cost of 60,800 ptas. You can also book for other countries in Europe. BTW we booked them into the Fira Palace Hotel, Barcelona for last Oct. they absolutely adored it, couldn't get that for this year though. Keep safe Linda &Geoff Wales