Subject: HOTELS
Hi Peter, We had the same concern regarding agroturismo, so it is great to know the availability of the books you mentioned. As an experiment we stayed this year at one of them (Locanda Rosati near Orvieto)and it was fine much better than B&Bs which are not my cup of tea. On the other hand, speaking of travel books and since you mentioned the Touring Club Italiano, I have serious thoughts regarding the books'accuracy. For a short shinning moment we owned a small boutique hotel in South Beach, and the Tourist Club Italiano in its book covering Florida included a few big hotels like the Fontenbleau Hilton and the Biltmore and only one small boutique hotel (ours!), I found that this was very flattering buy highly misleading...and I could speak from an insider's point of view regarding hotels recommended by most travel books, make a long story short I do not trust them much. Grazie