Subject: Re: Hotel Rome
Yes, we went to that church often. My wife went every day. We were thrilled to see Bocelli's concert from the church. Interestingly, Galileo was imprisoned--actually house arrest--in the building directly across the Piazza from the hotel.

I think the hotel you may be referring to is the Santa Chiara. While I have never stayed there it does look quite nice. And, not too expensive, for Rome that is--about $150 for a double room. A nice hotel, with that location, at that price would seem to be a bargain.

>The book store you mention - it's near the Piazza del Popolo? I've been to a >great one there, and I'm certain it's the same one.

Yes, that's the one, it is between the Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. There is no store like that one in NYC.