Subject: RE: San Sebastian Spain ?
Hi, David. September is a good month to visit the north. The weather is usually fine, and the september light has something special. Also, many of the people that spend the summer up here have already come back to their own places. But... I donīt have the dates right now, but the Film Festival is held in San Sebastian in September. If the festival is on during that weekend, expect crowds around the hotel Maria Cristina, hoping to see some movie star. People going to the new Kursaal (very interesting building, right on the Gros beach) for the latest nepalese movie... But all of this just add to the charme of San Sebastian. You have picked one of the classics, regarding hotels. Ask them to give you a room with a view over the bay and the beach of La Concha. Now I am going to write a very small list of what to see and what to do in San Sebastian (or Donosti or Donostia, you will find all of these names): - Eat. - Walk along the beaches and the promenade. - Go to La Perla spa, right upon La Concha. - Eat. - Visit the Aquarium, small, but good fun. - Eat again. - Walk up Mount Urgull or go up Mount Igueldo. - Windowshopping. - Did I mention the food? San Sebastian has a very french feeling around it, and Iīm sure you will like it. Some places for a day trip: - Instead Irun, choose Fuenterrabia or Hondarribia. Small fishing village on the spanish Bidasoa side, plenty of bars and restaurants. - Go to the french side. Places like Saint-Jean de Luz, Guethary,... deserve a visit. - Direction Bilbao, you will find Zarauz, Zumaia or Getaria. Donīt miss them. - Go inland, to Bergara. Plenty of grand houses, pretty landscape. - Why donīt go to Bilbao? I know, I know, big city, a bit too many traffic jams, but, I think we are a fine day trip from San Sebastian (they are the french, we are the british). And you donīt need to visit the Guggenheim to spend a nice day.

Food. There a few restaurants with Michelin stars, both in Bilbao and San Sebastian, but I would go to the small place, with the home cooking. Eat pintxos all over the old town in San Sebastian (you wonīt know when to finish). Be prepared for all kind of fishes, and all of them, yummy.

Shopping. If you are looking for souvenirs, maybe a basque beret and txakoli (dry, young white wine) or Rioja? I think there is a good delicatessen shop under the Kursaal. If you are thinking clothing, think classical, shoes can also be a good buy, and check the Adolfo Dominguez shop, galician clothes, beautifully cut. San Sebastian is also a bit of a surfer city (you will find them at Gros beach).

And I think thatīs all for the moment

Rgds from Covadonga in a very, very hot Bilbao (Spain) (this is not normal)