Subject: Re: Naples restaurant

In Naples we enjoyed Ciro a Mergallina on via Mergallina, 18; Da Dora, Vico Palasciano, 28; Da Ettore on via S. Lucia, 56; and La Cantinella on via Cuma, 42. These are all a little different but all very good. Ciro is a fairly big restaurant with great seafood, Da Dora is a very small trattoria with simply prepared but excellent seafood, Da Ettore is a pizzeria and La Cantinella is an elegant, pricey restaurant. All serve Neapolitan cuisine. We liked them all.

Along the Amalfi Coast we had a great time and lunch at Cumpa Cosimo in Ravello. In Amalfi we had very good pizza at A Teatro, an excellent meal at La Caravella and were told that Da Gemma is very good. We did not have the chance to get to Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant'Agata sui due Golfi or the other one at the top of our restaurant list, Taverna Del Capitano in Massa Lubrenese. This is what sometimes happens to travel plans. I had been planning on these latter two restaurants for a very long time and these plans didn't materialize. We went to Capri instead and ate at La Rondinella in Anacapri which was very good. In hindsight I wish we had gone to Massa Lubrenese instead of Capri even though we did like walking around Anacapri.

Will you be driving to Napoli and Amalfi Coast? Do you plan on stopping on the way? If so, where?