Subject: Re: RE: San Sebastian Spain ?
Thank's for the great response. The film fest. is the week after us (21-30) we looked up their web sight before planning. Bilbao is already on our itenarary for one day no nights. S.Sebastian Michelin stared restaraunt recomendations would be great if you have one. We like to splurge at least once or twice on vacation. Other then that Tapas, tapas, tapas. The coastal / beach towns are great when they are less crowded however we are there on a weekend so we expect crowds.One of the things we have learned is to RELAX on vacation as well as sight see and shop, so any quiet spots where we can watch the Sea and Have Pulpo and beer and not do much else would be nice? We have the entire previous and next week in Spain and would also like to visit Cantabria and Asturia if you have suggestions? David

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.