Subject: Re: agriturismo? What are they?
In different country's they are different levels of hospitality. In Italy the ones we stayed in were more like b&b's without all the Laura Ashley and Potpourri. They were working farms or winery or sometimes just country homes. They are regulated by the Govt. and are a wonderful homey way to stay. Usually a little outside of town and similar to a good three star ( for lack of a better description) hotel. Except much smaller and do not expect t.v. or mini bar in room and can have private or shared (minimally) bath. As well you can personally meet the people who live there and share there experience of the area. We have used them many times and cannot remember a really bad one! Beware of commercial agritourismo that are just about renting rooms and not a typical local lifestyle. They are few and far between but do exist.Most are great. Good luck, David

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.