Subject: more on agriturismos
Hi everyone,

To follow up on the discussion on Agriturismos in Italy, I would mention that a very good source for them is on the Website for the Karen Brown Guide. I have stayed in about ten of her recommendations, and have found them to be very delightful for many of the same reasons that the others have already listed. (Food, Price, ambiance, interesting people that stay there, etc) I have a three week trip planned in July, where we are trying out three new spots, two in Umbria (Locanda della Rocca in Paciano and Malvarina near Assisi), and one in the Veneto (Gargan, in Levada di Piombino Dese) in addition to an all-time favorite spot in Positano, (Fenice) where we have stayed many times. If anyone wants to email me privately for more information about the website, or other ones that I have collected regarding Italian travel, please let me know.

If anyone is familiar with the places that I have listed above, and would be so kind to share information with me, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great information on Naploli. I'm hoping to try out some of the suggestions. Finally, has anyone tried out Trattoria Anzolo Raffael, Dorsoduro 1722, in the Piazza Angelo Raffaele, in Venezia? Fred Plotkin cannot stop raving about it in his book, Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, and I was looking for a second opinion.

thanks in advance Jonathan Chimene Chicago