Subject: Verona to Florence
Next month, a group of three of us will have 3 or 4 days to drive leisurely from Verona to Florence. I am currently thinking about a day or two either in Arezzo or Cortona. Could anyone recommend a place to stay in this area, preferably within one of the two cities? If we spent one more day driving through the area south of Siena, where might we stop for the night?

I have noted all of the wonderful recommendations already offered by the List, and am considering them all, i.e. La Chiusa in Montefollonico, Asciano, etc. Is there a nice place to stay near Asciano? Has anyone stayed at La Locanda, in Sinalunga? How crucial are advance hotel reservations in these smaller towns, during a midweek in July?

I've appreciated the wonderful directions to these places given by Bill Sutherland and Paolo(?), and we will try to find a few of them. Perhaps, when the itinerary gets a little more settled, I might put out a call for a Tuscan gtg, most likely during the week of July 10th to July 16th.

Ciao, Joel