Subject: Stared Hotels, Do they count? Plus Food Review
I just want to weigh in on this issue. We stayed in a little town Molini Di Triora( a picture perfect perched village) in the maritime Alps above San Remo Italy. The only hotel there was a 1 star that was family run, and where anyone in town not cooking their own dinner that night were eating! We found the room to be the same or better then any other room we had in Italy.The linens and bath were as usual for up to 3-4 star hotels.It was just like a multi starred hotel. Except of course the quiet, and the smells from that amazing kitchen. We can't wait to return to this great hotel with it's lonely one star. The rate Oct.98 55000 lire approx. $35 pp with(get this) breakfast and dinner. One of our favorite meals by the way.We started wit a large platter in front of us and the waiter (desk clerk) kept bringing bowls and plates of wonderful tasty things and just spooning them on our platter. Followed by the best Porcini pasta I have ever tasted and I have tasted many! The Meat course was stewed wild Rabbit (although it was not called that exactly Maybe it was Hare) With peppers and tomato. Followed by a sample of some local cheese and some regional cheeses with Chestnuts served a few different ways, I believe they were even different types of Chestnuts. Followed by Tirimisu and espresso with Sambuca. This was the meal that night served to the 5 or six hotel guests and the 10-12 locals. . House wine was as you would expect, Bitingly young with great extracted fruit, and perfect on a cold Oct. night. Anyway that is my story on Hotel Stars, due they count?

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.