Subject: Re: San Sebastian/Bilbao Spain ?
Hi, Linda and Don. In one word : changing, and donīt forget to bring your raincoat. Naturally, it depends on the time of the month. Towards the end it gets colder, and a bit more rainy. Although sometimes we get a bit of an Indian summer, it gets warmer, and you donīt have to carry your umbrella. I know it sounds awful, but I like it a lot. You wonīt find many tourists ( I am thinking San Sebastian now), it will be mostly local people. And Puppy will have its winter clothing. Now the flowers are too red and yellow and orange. He looks much better in dark green and purple.

How was your May trip? Did you enjoy it? I remember writing down all the ice parlours I could remember in Vienna...

Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao