Subject: Piemonte
Peter, Did you try La Contea in Neive? Claudia and Tonino were some of the most gracious hosts we've ever encountered. On one visit there with my father and his wife, I asked Claudia if you would be so kind to do a morning cooking class for us - it was wonderful. One afternoon, Tonino had taken my dad and me for a drive through his vineyards, and we wound up a Tonino's house in his wine cellar. About 7:45pm, my dad looked and me and said we hade better be getting back to the hotel, because we had 8pm dinner reservations. I looked and him and said, Dad, don't you understand Italy yet? 8pm is just the suggested time we have reservations for. Besides, Claudia is the chef and Tonino runs the front of their restaurant and we can't go back without them - we're in their car About 8:30 we finally left their house for our 8pm reservations. Another favorite in Piemonte is Belvedere in La Morra. We couldn't get reservations there for Sunday lunch, so Tonino personally called. The entire restaurant was booked for a 50th wedding anniversary, except for one table for 2 Americans - us. Bill Sutherland