Subject: Back from Switzerland and Barcelona

I just would like to share my great experience staying 2 months in Switzerland and a month in Barcelona. My trip was kind of different, since I was visiting my boyfriend in Switzerland and my mother in Spain. I just have to say I'm a very very very lucky girl since my boyfriend had just moved to the wonderful region of the Berner Oberland. He lived in H|nibach, a village by the lake Thun. The view from his house was so amazing I know I'll never forget. Besides visiting the Berner Oberland, I travelled a lot by myself to other big cities in Switzerland and Zurich and its sorounding area (where his parents live). I guess Barcelona didn't cause that much impact on me, since it's so similar to my country (Brazil)... well, not that similar, but much more than Switzerland. :) But I enjoyed very much as well. Especially the beaches nearby. I'd like to thank the great advices you all gave me and I wish in the future I can help someone who's going to those areas the same way you helped me :)

Bina! (South of Brazil)