Subject: New Mexico
We had an amazing trip through Northern New Mexico that we loved, and would love to repeat. We have taken two journeys through southern England, in search of literary sites, which are my primary interest. We had a fantastic trip through some parts of the Pacific Northwest, and notably, the San Juan Islands. We have been to Northern California twice in this period, and visited our favorite, Big Sur, both times. (I was a little disappointed that the recent thread about Big Sur seemed to concentrate on the upscale hotels there, because I love both the natural, and the old hippy aspects of that area, so I think I can identify with what you are feeling about the France/Spain/Italy thing). Our most recent trip was to Paris, and we are planning to go to Toronto in August. We love big cities because of the artistic and cultural attractions. Living in Pittsburgh, we also make frequent trips to Washington DC and New York.

Since our major interests are Western art and literature (including American), and Italian food and heritage (I am of Italian descent), as well as the history of Roman Catholicism, it is kind of easy to see why we go where we go. There are some places that are just out of our range of interests, and some that would be impossible for us to visit because my health is a bit dicey. I need to be in a comfortable bed, and I prefer to have access to English speaking doctors. Having a doctor come to our rented room in London, early on a Sunday morning, convinced me that I should think twice before heading into the Cambodian jungle! ;-)

I have a wealthy friend who travels to exotic places, but in style. Since comfort is imperative to me, and since we are on a very limited budget, I am not even thinking of visiting places where I can't travel in comfort on a small budget.

Let me close with this: Sometimes, when my initial mention of a destination is not met with a Travelzine response, I wait a bit, and then rephrase my question. Quite often, someone does have something to say. I recently got a response to my second mention of Long Beach Island, NJ, albeit a negative one. I was hoping to get some tips, but I only got a pan from one member who obviously had very negative feelings about the place.

Finally, I am interested in what type of work you do that takes you to such amazing places. I sense that some Ziners have had the privilege of being exposed to all sorts of places through their work, their backgrounds, or the blessing of financial freedom. Other folks in this forum live very work-a-day lives, and are happy to get to the shore for a weekend. But we can all dream, and some of us (me!) will sacrifice a car or a other expensive item, in order to travel. Europe is an easy destination for those of us who only get a few days off work, and must take advantage of conveniently available travel bargains.

Well, that is a heck of a long answer to your short question, so I'm outta here..... Debbie PS. Norway is definetly on the short list!