Subject: Re: Andorra region
Tom, we spent a week in the Cadi Mts (about 1/hr east of Seu d'Argell--ck spelling) and loved a small village there where we had a fabulous meal -- Do you want me to look up the name? We are hikers and hike all over the Pyrenees both east and west of Andorra. -- Also we know the Perdido and Ordesa Parc (If you're interested) -- How can I be of help? The area is spectacular and the people are wonderful.

We always go back to a small ski area (only in Oct and this yr. at the end of Feb) called Benasque. Look it up on your map - - (It's apparently wonderfuly ski country and it's magnificent hiking country -- It's the highest part of the Pyrenees. It's fantastic; we met a young couple who just bought a condo there. They're from Barcelona and we e-mail back and forth. We will probably meet with them for dinner in the fall when we return. Mar speaks English (learned in Germany - and she worked for Microsoft for a few years here) -- Paco speaks a bit of English and too bad, but they don't speak French (which I do --- )I would be happy to contact Mar if you need any help with anything. Also let me know if you want me to get out my notes and do tell me what you are interested in - (i.e. restaurants, hotels, hiking, scenery -- the tourist and must see things I'm sure you can get from your reference books, etc.) Susie

*** There is a fantastic bakery in Martinet on the main route national - outside of Seu and I'll ge the name. -- Best jam-filled chocolate dipped butter cookies and biscotti we have found in the Pyrenees -- In fact, they rival NYC's!!! Susie