Subject: England Info
Hi Pat,

I would very much like this information. We are considering renting from the National Trust sometime in the next few years. I am very interested in visiting the Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales, but it is hard for me to set aside my preference for the south of England.

It is strange, isn't it, that some of us are drawn to specific places, and would visit them over and over again? As much as I would like to see certain places, I know I always find perfect happiness in some of the cities and countries that I love so much. I like what you said about a spiritual home. I think I have a few of them, and they are all in Western Europe. I'm not sure if I believe in past lives, but that is one way of explaining my affinity for such places.

>From another viewpoint, (and I almost feel guilty mentioning Umbria, since we have been talking about so many other interesting and non-Italian places ) I know that I am drawn there by my great love for Frances of Assisi. But, even though I am a follower/admirer of men like Ghandi and Mandela, I have no interest in visiting their countries. Weird, and inexplicable. I agree with your idea that our travel choices may be similar to our love choices; I have often been amazed by certain human couplings ;-), just as I am puzzled by certain travel choices.

ah well, Debbie Ps. But I do really want the England Info!