Subject: Travel cameras and photography question
Hi friends,

Peter wrote:
> I keep looking for the ideal travel camera but have not settled on one.

We bought a new travel camera recently - recommended by the free lance photographer who took our pix for the Globe and Mail article last February. He suggested the Olympus Stylus Zoom 115 DLX which we bought online from B&H cameras and video in New York (excellent price and service, by the way).

On our recently completed trip, we used the camera for the first time. We were delighted with its small size and the flexibility of taking regular and/or panoramic shots on the same role of inexpensive 135mm film.

Although most of the pix came out great, a few suffered from my amateurish skills in that the people in the foreground appeared too dark while the background scene was either right or way too light. Perhaps one of our photography experts can advise how I may improve upon this problem in the future. I'm wondering if the fact that I was using 200 ASA (which I already had) instead of the recommended 400 ASA was a contributing factor.

I had to laugh this week-end when I was working on updating our web site. I added (with friend/Ziner Ed Gehrlein's invaluable assistance) Don's newest painting of the Kaisariani Monastery on the outskirts of Athens to our gallery at What I found funny was the thought of all that went into getting the image on our web site, i.e. photo of the ancient monastery (, Don painting from the photo, me taking a picture of the painting, then scanning the picture and with Ed's help posting the digital image on the site. Whew! Perhaps a digital camera should be our next acquisition. :-)

Regards, Don&Linda