Subject: Nebraska
I visited Nebraska 2 years ago the end of July and had a wonderful time. 1. Omaha has a wonderful zoo, the Henry Doorly Zoo. Normally, I don't care for zoos, but I loved this one. The jungle section is toured by walking up a spiral ramp. As one progresses from the ground up into the high towering tree tops, one sees different animals and plants. The penguin exhibit was wonderful, too. There were also many zoo volunteers and employees there to explain the exhibits. 2. One very good thing to eat when in Nebraska is the sweet corn. It is served on-the-cob in the summer and is wonderful. 3. Many years ago European (Czech, German) immigrants settled in that area and you might see some folk festivals and regional (county) fairs that reflect their culture and cusine. Congratulations on your choice of areas to visit. Have a wonderful trip. Jane in Stuttgart