Subject: Grand Canyon plus Bryce, Zion, etc.
The north rim of the GC is so very different to the south that I am of the opinion that you should see both. The south has a number of hotels and LOTS of visitors. The north has the one Nat. Pk. lodge with motel type rooms and cabins (but I don't think there are cooking facilities in the cabins). There is a dining room and a short order walk up for food, much less variety than the south. But the peaceful tranquility on the north rim is absolutely wonderful.... you can stock a cooler and just picnic for a couple days there. We rented one of the cabins when we took my in-laws there 10 years ago and it was just fine.... there were 2 bedrooms separated by a complete bathroom which we shared.... very convenient for the four of us. Some cabins can sleep more and also less.... I don't know if there's just the two of you traveling or not.

I also highly recommend that you see Bryce Canyon. It is small and really not a canyon in the sense that the Grand Canyon is a canyon but it is so lovely.... just writing this makes me want to go back! And Mesa Verde is totally different since you will be seeing the remains of an ancient civilization. Write me off list or on if you have some specific questions. It has been awhile since we made the trip but it is well worth it!

Ruth Marie in Colorado