Subject: Grand Canyon plus Bryce, Zion, etc.
My parents were there last week, and had a great time. They mentioned that it was imperative to keep drinking water, because it is so dry. They kept a big thermos in the car, and kept refilling it with ice &water so they had cold water all day. Also, they visited the South Rim and stayed at the Quality Inn there, which is just about 5 miles from the Grand Canyon. I'm sure it was reasonably priced, knowing them. Right now it is shuttle bus season, so they were to park their car at the visitor's center and shuttle to the canyon rim. My mom asked about accessibility since she has polio and uses a cane. They asked if she had a handicapped plate, which she does, so they were given a secret code to get through the gate and were able to take their car in.

I haven't been there myself (which is is only a drive away) but thought I'd pass along these little tips.

Natalie Los Angeles