Subject: Re: Travelling and Travelzine
Hi Paolo,

I would like to reply to your personal thoughts on travelogues.

>The travelogues some of you send to the list can help some people to start
>planning a new trip, or simply open to someone else a new world to dream

I could not agree with you more.

>Does a travelogue need comments from the others?

There is no simple answer to this, but I will give you my own personal thoughts on this issue. No, a travelogue does not need comments from other subscribers, but I will say this, when a few ziners thanked me for my 1999 travelogue of France, it made me feel that it was all worth it. The other side to this was that I received two private e-mails criticising my travelogue, stating that it was too long winded and consequently boring. At first this hurt, it soon turned to annoyance and finally I became very angry; I am damn sure that I will not write any more, I said to myself. My wife became the voice of reason. She quite rightly said, that if I accepted the praise, I must also accept the criticism, as long it was constructive. She went on to say that the people that enjoyed or gained something from my travelogue were the ones I was writing it for, not the people who did not enjoy them.

Do you post your travelogues just for being praised, thanked or have someone ask you more?

No I don't post a travelogue just to be praised, I enjoy writing them and I hope other subscribers get something from them.

>Should anyone thank anyone else for every tip? I don't think so.

Here I must disagree with you, Paolo If someone has kindly answered a query of mine, I make it a point to thank them. It does not take much, but I am sure it is appreciated by the sender.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield New Zealand