Subject: Croatia

The country of Croatia extends on the South from Montenegro almost to Trieste. It is very narrow.

We were in Dubrovnik last fall. Our cab driver, who took us around, said that the Serbs had bombed most of the hotels around there as well as the homes. One could see new roofs next to old roofs on homes. Refugees lived in the hotels that were not bombed out until their homes could be rebuilt.

We went to Cavtat which appeared to not have suffered as much as Dubrovnik. We also went to Korkula and it looked the same as it did in 1972. Friends on the same basic trip went to Split and said that was pretty much intact. I think Dubrovnik was the main target.

The city remains a jewel, with its walls and narrow walkways, and museums. We ate at two good restaurants (we were on a ship so we did not eat out every meal) and have some delightful pictures which I could send you privately if you wish.

One of the Ziners now lives in Dubrovnik--I have not heard from her since she left but her husband was thrilled with it when he arrived there ahead of her.

Before we went I emailed someone I found on a Croatian website (sorry--I don't know which one at the moment) wondering about Bosnia. I got a nice answer back from her answering all my questions. I am sorry we did not go to Bosnia, but also glad we stayed in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik's main source of income is Tourism, and unfortunately, the wars have deterred tourists. I doubt you would be totally roughing it. The roads were in good condition, but we did not take to the trails, of course. Not much traffic, but it was November and not the height of the tourist season--and not cold, either.

Gretchen from SC