Subject: Re: France - after Paris?
Since you will be going to the Loire and since you will probably be renting a car in Paris -- you might want to consider heading east of Paris to Monet's home Giverny - It's magical - Although when we were there one spring, in the rain, the gardens are not to be missed(even wet!) Then, perhaps a short visit to Rouen (the Cathedral is really breathtaking and it's a wonderful city. (Does anyone know if it still has scaffolding on the Cathedral???) From there you can go further northeast (not too far) to the seaport of Honfleur - one of the most picturesque along that coast and drop down to Bayeux - a preserved midieval town with the magnificent Bayeux Tapestry. If you still have time, a visit to the Memorial, Cemetary,l Arromanche, and Omaha and Utah Beaches, etc. will give you pause for reflection. (...just an idea)

Then... on to the Loire. Susie - Newton.