Subject: Re: Passion Play - Oberammergau
Pat asked about the Passion play facilities.

The seating area is completelly covered with only the stage un-roofed & open to the sky. Beautiful! Seating is theatre style, floor slopes so each row of seats can see over the one in front. Lunch break is, I think, 2 hours with the play a bit over 5 hours. With your tickets you will have a computer print out &map showing you where your lunch will be served. There are 2 or 3 entrees to choose from. You don't feel hurried but have a leisurely time for lunch &walking a bit. Plenty of toilet facilities, too. Hope you have a wonderful time. My group goes in a couple weeks &I had 2 clients stay at my favorite spot near Garmisch &my German friend's daughter was able to get tickets to the play for them on opening week. This is a controversial year...the new director is young &shaking things up a bit with women playing more parts &non-villagers allowed to participate. But, all in all, really a wonderful experience.

Enjoy, Carol Bailey Madras, OR