Subject: Re: Re: Grand Canyon, etc.
Thanks Frances! My trip was 12 days long. I wanted to suggest that anybody doing this trip consider starting in Las Vegas--cheap airfares and its is amazingly close to Zion, much more so then Salt lake city. The Grand Canyon is not-so-far either and you can take a wonderful scenic route 66 side road from Kingman area to the grand Canyon. Its pretty cool! In Zion I stayed at Flanagan's--an old and wonderful lodge with amazing gardens and the best food in town. Fairly reasonable priced and right next to the entrance to the park. Also, there is a shuttle stop right in from of the Lodge so this makes it convenient if you are not bike riding in. I loved Capital Reef and don't tell too many people because this place is a gem. I found a wonderful Best Western right out of the park ( a resort type BW) and I have never been so impressed--the rooms were great, great views, great restaurant and great people! Its a be-back! The camping in capital reef is delightful--all grassy and shady and beautiful! I would not mind camping there at all. But summer time is boiling hot! Bryce is the highest Park and so probably a bit cooler. All the rest were steaming hot and i was there in May. I wore a SPF 45 and still got quite tan ( i hate that). Moab is a nice looking town filled with snotty not-so-nice kids and they are all the ski-bum types. I looked in every hotel/motel in town ( gross every one of them) and only stayed because of Arches. One place that is outside of town but closer to Arches looked nice but i never checked! I think Camping would be nicer especially in Arches, which is a great National Park! Bridges NP is a don't miss as well--i think a lot of people pass it up but it was Utah's very first NP and it is great. the easy hikes to the three main bridges are all less then one mile and once down by the river you can easily walk to the other two. By the way a Bridge is differentiated from an Arch by the way it was created. if a river/water carved it out then it is called a Bridge, if the wind and elements other then water carved it out then it is called an Arch! I have lots of information on Slot canyons, and backroads ( Gee i think i took them all) and byways too. be prepared for a lot of dust and dirt--but it will be beautiful red dirt anyway! :) Amelia in Los Angeles