Subject: Re: Swiss Alsp (Muerren) for Harriet

Muerren is so beautiful and more places in Switzerland are, as well. Save the whole country for another trip.

We have gotten a Swiss Pass and spent 3 weeks without ever leaving the country or getting in an automobile, and never bored once. Oops--we did, however, that time, go to to the Borromean Islands from Locarno for a quick trip.

We still have places in Switzerland that we have not been--next time, maybe. We always spend two weeks in the Muerren/Wengen area and pick up a few more destinations the other week or so, and/or return to some other places we love.

One day in Muerren will be never enough--at least not for me--who can spend 2 weeks in the area and never leave except to go to Wengen and Grindlewald First, and the Schilthorn, and maybe one window shopping trip to Interlaken on the way to somewhere else like Thun, or the boats on the Brienzersee or the Thunersee. Interlaken is a place you HAVE to go through to get to Muerren/Wengen. Gretchen