Subject: Re: Graz-Bad Radkersburg
Hi Cheryl and Bill,

If the spa experience sounds appealing, you might like to know that one of the spa towns nearby Graz is Bad Radkersburg, where we had our first thermal spa experience - so terrific, we were hooked. Bad Radkersburg is right near the Austrian border with Slovenia. We weren't able to find many web sites in English (there are some for hotels in the town) but did manage to come up with an E-mail address for the tourist office: mailto:thermenland@i... You could write asking for info on the area - be sure to include your complete mailing address. No need to be checked into a hotel(unless you want to be) as one can pay for admission to the thermal facilities only.

One of our Ziners, Rene, lives in Graz. If he's not traveling, he surely will be in touch with you.

Regards, Linda and Don