Subject: Paris hotel/less than 650FF -- again
I've found the best value by far is one of the Ibis hotels in Paris (and elsewhere in France). They are invariably modern, clean and comfortable, and their rates are reasonable, about 600 or 650 FF in one of the Paris hotels, if I recall correctly. The hotels outside of Paris are cheaper. There are maybe eight or 10 Ibis hotels in various parts of Paris.

However, the Ibis hotels are part of a chain (Accor), and thus they have the character of a pleasant Holiday Inn (their market is business travellers). If you want character in a hotel look elsewhere. But if you want comfort at a reasonable price, I can heartily recommend the Ibis hotels.

By the way, you can reserve rooms online:

Bons voyages!

Evan in DC

PS I don't work for Accor or own any of its stock. I'm just a satisifed customer.