Subject: Re: Leveque (was:Paris hotel/less than 650FF)
Hi Debbie here. I felt that my message might have been strong in tone, and I wanted to apologize for that. I did think the Leveque was awful, though. But I looked in up in Michelin and Cheap Sleeps in Paris, and it was listed in both. Cheap Sleeps lists it in their one star category, which is lower than I am willing to go. Michelin gives it one hotel. There are several hotels in Michelin that get two hotels at the same rate as the Leveque. I don't think that you are reading the wrong books, especially since these are all books that I use! ;-) It is just that I took the time to visit this hotel, and was not impressed by what I saw. Also, we spoke with Americans that were staying there at the Leveque, and they said they had been kept up all night by the noise in the hall and nearby rooms. Our visit, our chat with guests at the hotel, and our experience with the desk clerk all contributed to our decision to cross this one off of our list. The Muguet, on the other hand, impressed us very favorably. These are also very basic rooms, but the whole atmosphere of the place was one of inexpensive charm. The desk person was an elegant woman of a certain age, who greaciously spoke with us, and showed us around the hotel. If I were to choose a budget hotel in the 7th e, this would be my choice. The Muguet still comes in at way under 650FF, gets two stars in Cheap Sleeps, and Michelin puts it high on its two hotel rating. Sorry about getting all excited. The Hotel Leveque was, along with the restaurant Steves recommended, the only place in Paris that we didn't love.