Subject: Re: Jordan, Part 2
Hi Richard,

I will keep you informed on what we are doing. Right now we are going to Vegas in the HEAT for a Semester at Sea Reunion.

For your information, Grand Circle Tours will NOT deal with anyone out side of the STATES unless you have someone here that will do your business for you like mail your documents, etc. They won't even send you a catalog. That goes for Overseas Adventure Travel as well, and they are far superior to Grand Circle--small groups, very good hotels, good guides, excellent food, etc.

As for time of year--both Turkey and Jordan will be hot in the summer. I think October/November would be great. We have been in Turkey in April, May, October, and December. We have been thinking about Jordan in February, but Turkey would be too cold at that time.

You would have to fly from Turkey to Jordan or Vice Versa. We have been on Turkish Airlines and found them very good. However, thier smoking poses a problem on International flights. They are fobidden to allow smoking on any flights out of the states, but tha would not be the case here. Domestically, there is no smoking allowed. When we were on the Turkish flight with smoking, it was blue with smoke, even in the non-smoking areas.

I will send you a website or two that we have been looking into.

Gretchen from South Carolina