Subject: Hotels in Helsinki
Hi, Tuija

Your information about reservations in Helsinki was just great. The city has an special event in early September and it was very hard to find a room but the reservation people were great. I now have a reservation in a moderate priced hotel, close to the city centre so that I can walk everywhere. It´s called Marttahotel. Do you know it?

My stay in Finland is very short, just four days, September 2 to 6, so I will be in Helsinki and go to Porvoo for a day and to Suomenlinna for a few hours. If you have any suggestions they would be most welcome. I am an architect so I will search for all the fabulous buildings and design places that abound in Helsinki and also the Helsinki Festival.

If you have any plans for being in Helsinki at that time, please let me know. Thank you so much for your help.

Susana São Paulo, Brazil