Subject: Re: Re:Source for 1 way airline tickets?
Evelyn, I checked on a one-way fare from SAN to DFW on and was quoted a $248 fare on Frontier Airlines. Not having a date for travel I used 7/19 thus bringing the fare down for a two week advance purchase.

There is currently an auction at which has 4 one-way tickets on Frontier airlines between SAN and DFW (You can bid on one or any number of the tickets). It is auction #543111. Current bid is $5. The auction doesn't end for another seven days. I suggest you monitor this auction and participate using the $248 price as your criteria. To beat that price you would have to win the auction with a bid of approximately $200 as there are fees and taxes of $30 per ticket plus a FedEx fee of about $10. Auction is at

Another alternative would be to use Your situation is perfect for this service. You know your date of travel. You can offer a bid for your fare based on the published fares available. Actually, you can offer any bid you want but the airlines won't accept too low an offer. You might try an offer of $200 which is 20% off the published fare. Or go lower if you're feeling lucky.

Well, Evelyn, as you can see there are a few options out there for you.

John Rule San Diego, CA