Subject: Car Rentals
Dear Ziner's: What a great site! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful information you have passed along. I sent off for Bob and Sue Winn's guide to Provence, Provence Byways, and it arrived in 2 days. I have read it from cover to cover.

I am traveling to Provence (on a tour) with my parents for 10 days and will then pick up my brother in Nice. We would like to rent a car at the Nice airport and drive to Tuscany. Any advice on car rentals and driving in Italy. It seems that Auto Europe is a good option as a rental company, but a friend of mine said if I rented the car in France, to make sure we could go into Italy with the car. I would also like suggestions on which cities to concentrate on in Tuscany. Our trip is only for one week.

Thanks for your help!

Nanette Salt Lake City