Subject: Nebraska, Montreal &Ottawa
Hello, Jane Palik. Thank you very much for introducing me the website featuring summer festivals. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that matches my itenerary. But I'll bookmark the page for future use!

Accidentally, I just booked flights to the US (including Omaha, NE) and Canada for late summer's trip. This will be the fifth time. For the last four trips, I visited San Francisco, Idaho Falls, Louisville (KY), Boston, Salt Lake City, Portland (OR), Pensacola, Nashville, Huntzville, Seattle, Kansas City and San Jose. Each place has its own taste, even though all these cities are in one same country. Really interesting! I just would love to talk to the local people by staying in cozy B&Bs. Hosts are really friendly and gold mines of information!

Speaking of B&Bs, is there anyone who knows about B&Bs in Montreal and Ottawa? These two cities will also be the destination, and I'll have to look for a nice yet affordable B&B. I appreciate any kind of info from Ziners!

Satoshi Marui from Tokyo