Subject: Re: Recommendations/Accommodations in England--reply
Hi Peter: I really can't say anything about the AA guides since I have never used them for accommodations. We found BANK HOUSE in a letter on Frommers daily internet newsletter. Mostly, we just trust to luck in our travels in Britain, making very few bookings (other than self-catering places) and just finding them as we go along, mostly simply by driving by, seeing a B&B sign, and saying to ourselves, That looks good; let's try it. We have found many marvelous places that way--places that we then do go back to and do book. Sometimes we use the local tourist info. centers; we have found some super places that way and some awful ones also--mostly when we were trying to economize a lot. We use various guide books, but often only as guides so that we have specific places to look at when we get there. We like the Staying Off the Beaten Track book, the Wolsey Lodge guide, and the Karen Brown B&B and Inn guides (more costly usually), but mostly just trust our luck and judgment when we get there. This combination has worked very well for us for 25 years of exploring Britain. Usually we do know where we are going to stay our first and last nights and have a rough itinery in mind, which we may or may not follow when we get there. For instance, on our trip in May/June, we planned to stay 3/4 days in Devon (where we have been a lot) and then move to East Anglia for a week or so. However, we found so many new and delightful things to do in Devon that we never got to East Anglia at all, instead heading straight north to our self-catering places there from Devon. That's OK--we will get to East Anglia another time. I'd rather do fewer things and see an area well than run madly from place to place. Have a wonderful trip! Cheers, Pat