Subject: Re:Source for 1 way airline tickets?
Dear Evelyn:

If buying tix at auction or throwing away half of a RT doesn't work for you on your San Diego-Dallas one-way trip, Southwest is definitely an option notwithstanding the Wright Amendment's limitations with regard to flights in/out of Love Field. You just have to know how to work around it. El Paso is Southwest's primary work around for points west. Thus, you can fly non-stop from San Diego to El Paso for $125 + taxes and from El Paso to Dallas- Love for $94 + taxes, for a grand total of $219 + taxes. (Quoting 14- day advance purchase fares.) I realize this is not much less than the $248 price you already have, but it gives you something to consider. (For those of you wondering what the El Paso-Dallas connection is almost as costly as the San Diego-El Paso leg, just look at a map, and you'll wonder no more!)

Additionally, residing in Dallas, you really should sign up for Southwest's weekly e-mail/internet only specials--you can often get a real deal. The best part about their weekly specials is you don't have to go the next week. Instead, they offer reduced prices for several different destinations from every city they service, which are good for sev'l months in advance so long as you purchase (online) by Thursday midnight that week. If you start watching far enough ahead of time for a certain trip, and remember to look at alternate routing, you are sure to find a good deal. **Don't forget that from Dallas Love, they cannot fly/advertise trips beyond the territory to which they are limited by the Wright Amendment (Texas, the contiguous states + Mississippi &Alabama). So, if you want to go farther, you have to study connections. For example, on this week's Internet specials, you can buy tix by midnight tonight (Thurs.) for use anytime between July 18-December 9 (excluding Thanksgiving period) to fly between Dallas Love and both Houston Hobby or Houston Intercontinental for $36. Now, even if you don't have a reason to visit us in Houston, you may see a really special deal on air fares to some desired destination, but only from Houston. For $36, you're there.

We love Southwest. Its safety and on-time records, reasonable prices, convenient scheduling and user-friendly online scheduling & pricing tables/ticketing can't be beat. There's a reason it is consistently rated the #1 commuter carrier nationwide.

(I don't work for SW or have any affiliation with them, unless you count the frequent flyer credits I'm holding!)

Diana Ball Houston, TX