Subject: Back again
Hi folks, I'm Leonardo back from a short vacation in Amalfi Coast. I'm reporting on it in a separate posting,because you know well the exaggerate lenght of my writings and I don't want to annoy those who are not interested.

I tried to read all the messages accumulated in the past 10 days(23 digests),and so I'm in touch with all the current threads. The number of daily messages is really becoming high!

Someone asked about interesting areas in the eastern sections of France.I want to name one area that is maybe less known but really gorgeous,and it's adjoining Alsace,which was already in the plans of the Ziner who asked on this subject. I'm referring to the area stretching from Besanšon to Lausanne(Switzerland) and comprising the village of Ornans( I think it's the valley of the river Loup).Beautiful,green river landscape.I passed there maybe 20 years ago,but I still recall the beauty.Even the two cities of Besanšon and Lausanne are interesting.

Have a nice day,

Leonardo from Italy