Subject: Hotel Levesque
Although I'm sure that by now everyone has gotten the word on this hotel, I just had to put in my 2 cents' worth. We stayed here a ouple of years ago, again based on the Rick Steves recommendation, and would not recommend it to anyone. They are definitely resting comfortably in their fame and have become very impersonal. The thing that we really hated about it though was that it was impossible to go for a mid-afternoon rest without dealing with the maid and her schedule. We got the impression that she did all rooms on the floor at once because the vaccuum cleaner stretched the entire length of the hall--it was very hard not to trip on it. Even though we were there (IN BED) she insisted that she had to do her work and told us to get up and go out because the weather was so nice! Since my husband is French, he was able to converse with her but I just pretended to sleep while she stared and waited for me to wake up. This was not a fluke of one day, but happened several times during our stay for the week. Also, this hotel is filled with Americans--you might as well stay home! Rick used to recommend Hotel Castex in the Marais, which was exceptionally hospitable because of the owners, who have now moved on. I have not heard anything about it since but it is in an excellent location for exploring the 3rd and 4th arrondisements.