Subject: HOtel lavesque, two more cents
Hi , ...Here you are, two more cents,.....I must agree with Elizabeth as a matter of principle, I know nothing about the Hotel Lavesque nor I have ever stayed there but I have been avoiding more and more the hotels and restaurants recommended by the most famous travel books, including US media , ...why? because for me the fun is to find out new places and to be a part as much as possible of the real country I am visiting , how can it be done,? I guess there are many ways, I try to buy French travel books when visiting France, Italians for Italy etc...... as Peter does; I try to look ahead as Debbie does for the next trip; I ask friends, and I use this great site.... often I have asked local people for restaurants and I have gotten great advise, I am not telling you I do not read American travel books at all because I do, but I have long found out that often their recommendations have become a part of the beaten path losing their initial value... When I like the hotel I am in, I ask them for a recommendation regarding a hotel in our next destination ... this has worked very well for us, ......I love the idea of the hotel data base because it is a perfect tool to find nice places, thank you Callie ,and thank you all. Graziella Miami Beach