Subject: S. of France 8
A late start on this Saturday - woke shortly after 6 to a rainy morning and fell back asleep til 9:15! Rare for us. Here's a hint - read all the posters you pass on the roads or on the walls in towns. Pull over, stop, and write down the details so you'll have the information you'll need to take advantage of the fair, or sale, or festival. As the sun drys up the rain, we're on our way to a Foire a brocante that we'd seen signs for as we drove around the countryside. Found out from Angel and Francoise where Meyraurgues was - not too far from us. The open air vintage and antique mart winds through the town and along a creek. One booth after another, some food for sale too, and a troupe in traditional dress to perform at lunchtime. We found a set of pastis glasses, something we'd been hunting for for a while. On the way back, we stop at the pretty village of Ansouis - high on a hill, breezy and full of winding cobbled streets, tiny gardens, blooming windowboxes, fountains. Then to Cucuron, with its rectangular basin of water surrounded by plane trees. This spot feels as if it'd be cool even in the heat of summer.