Subject: Hello, I'm new to this group
I have been meaning to join this group for some time now and finally am taking the plunge. I have already received good advice from some of you so I hope I can do the same and contribute as well.

My husband and I enjoy traveling more and more as the years go by. We work hard (at the office and at play) and over the past few years have built in several regularly scheduled times to vacation each year. That way we know we are always trying to go somewhere or take a great break. And people expect us to be gone. For example in the past year or two we have been to: Trinidad and Tobago for birdwatching and snorkeling Hawaii for it all Costa Rica (love the rainforest) Spent a week in London (we hope to do more of Europe if even a week at a time) Many trips to California, especially Monterey Bay and environs, but we also enjoy Pt Reyes, Napa and LA Many getaways to Sanibel Island, Florida (birds, beach) Santa Fe and environs is on the list Most recently we had a fabulous two week trip to Italy (Cinque Terre, Florence and Venice!)

We are trying to decide on a week in Paris or some other week length adventure in Europe for September but we are not sure if that will work out or not. We are also trying to decide on our Thanksgiving time trip. Last year we were hurricaned out of our plans for Anguilla.

Well, that is enough of me. Thanks for asking me to join.

Maddy Northampton, Massachusetts