Subject: Germany Travel
My wife and I just got back from Germany. We had a wonderful time and stayed at some terrific places that we recommend highly and are definately on our list of places to stay the next time we go.

Hotel Alte Muehle (Hotel Old Mill), Oberwohlsbach (just north of Roedental (English spelling), home of the Goebel Porceline Works, offers wonderful rooms and very good food. We highly recommend this hotel for those that wish to have excellent accomodations, good food and a quiet atmosphere. Free parking.

Ringhotel zum Kreuz, Steinheim. Another hotel with excelent accomodations, good food and a quiet atmosphere. Steinheim is located north of Ulm and offers a central point for visits to the Steiff plush animal plant (Geingen/Brenz), Kathee Kruze doll facility, and a short drive up the autobahn to Rotherburg on the Tauber. Free parking.

I mention the free parking because I paid $12.00 a day when I stayed at the Marriott in Munich. It was a very nice hotel but not my choice for a vacation spot, but then I don't like staying in the the big cities when in Germany.

Hope this information is a help to somewone thinking of traveling to these spots in Germany.


Larry D.