Subject: Shetland and Orkney (not the....!!!!)
Bill and Pat,

After your mail, and if I had any doubts, I know I will love the islands. I have always wanted to go there, but never made it before. Ill impose some more on you and your savvy, if I may. I will be in Helsinki and plan to take Finnair and British to Inverness, then trains and ferries, first to Orkney and then Shetland. Do the ferry boats ran on time? Or are there considerable delays? Did you find it easy to rent a car in both places? My time is very limited so a car is basic. Are the roads like in the Scottish Highlands, narrow but with good pavements? Ill be staying at B&Bs, are they easy to find away from the cities? I would rather stay in the countryside close to the sea, and then go to the cities. Im glad I will not have to make reservations far in advance. That was very good news, after the trouble of finding a hotel in Helsinki. Hoy and Papa Stour are already on my list. Any other super special island?

Best regards, Susana So Paulo, Brazil